has cast its net into the future and is reeling in a major upgrade for its online seafood marketplace. By overhauling its digital storefront, Seaco Online reinforces its ambition to lead Singapore’s online seafood retail space. This move aims to match the nation’s deep-rooted seafood consumption demand with affordably priced, superior quality offerings.

Amid the rising tides of demand, this subsidiary of The Seafood Company Group is charting a course for completion in early 2024. With Singaporeans consuming an average of 22kg of seafood per person per year, it’s clear that demand is as vast as the oceans themselves. Seaco Online has recognized this appetite, focusing its revamped platform on the seamless delivery of diverse seafood directly to customers’ homes.

The Seafood Company Group not only caters to tastebuds but also holds a steadfast commitment to the environment. Striving to blend ethical sourcing with economic efficiency, the Group hopes to lead by example, showing that quality seafood need not come at the planet’s expense.

Seaco Online doesn’t just offer a catch; it guarantees a wide selection of sustainably obtained seafood. Combined with a refreshed online shopping space catering to modern consumers – swift, simple, and secure – Seaco Online is on track to become Singapore’s go-to source for oceanic delights.

Singapore’s seafood connoisseurs can anticipate an enhanced range of products (such as premium abalone) to choose from, ensuring that every family meal and festive gathering can boast the flavors of the finest catch. With a goal to provide incomparable value, Seaco Online is well on its way to clinching the title of the foremost e-commerce hub for seafood lovers – a dream that will soon dock at the shores of reality.

About Seaco Online, a pivotal segment of The Seafood Company Group, is dedicated to presenting an ocean’s worth of quality seafood selections through its e-commerce portal that offers online seafood delivery services in Singapore. At the heart of their operations lies a dedication to sustainability and customer satisfaction, setting the standard for seafood retail in Singapore.

Embark on an underwater adventure with, the ultimate destination where the wonders of the sea come alive at one’s fingertips. As part of The Seafood Company Group, Seaco Online stands out as the go-to hub for seafood lovers across Singapore. Get ready to indulge in a sensational seafood shopping experience like no other!

Seaco Online understands Singaporeans’ deep passion for seafood. They offer a wide range of mouthwatering options to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From the freshest catches of the day to sustainably farmed treasures, there’s something to delight every palate. Each seafood selection is carefully sourced and delivered with the utmost attention to quality.

Seaco Online’s commitment goes beyond providing delectable seafood. They’re also dedicated to sustainability, nurturing a deep respect for the ocean and its precious resources. By promoting responsible practices, they strive to protect the marine ecosystem while delivering an exceptional culinary experience.

Exciting things are on the horizon as Seaco Online prepares for a website revamp. The aim is to create a shopping platform that’s not only user-friendly but also elevates the entire seafood buying journey. With a vision to be Singapore’s preferred seafood retailer, Seaco Online pledges to offer unparalleled value, exceptional service, and a trusted partnership that satisfies cravings for delectable, sustainable seafood.

At, every click brings one closer to a world of oceanic marvels. Join the adventure and discover a treasure trove of delectable delights, all delivered with passion and a commitment to excellence.

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