Dr. Sheri Pallas’, WE HAVE RUINED GOD: MY JOURNEY OUT OF RELIGION AND INTO UNCONDITIONAL LOVE releases May 9th but it’s already #1 in “Faith Deconstruction.”

Los Angeles, California May 4, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – Dr. Pallas’ narrative nonfiction, We Have Ruined God: My Journey Out of Religion and Into Unconditional Love is already making waves!

An irreverent expose uncovering the flaws and manipulations in religious doctrines. We Have Ruined God is a candid and thought-provoking narrative. It invites the reader to participate in a journey of self-discovery and healing from religion-induced trauma.

The book highlights the hypocrisy, misogyny, and toxic elements woven into many religious teachings. At the same time, it provides clarity and a path to spiritual fulfillment in a world clouded by agenda-driven teachings.

The truth does set you free.

Readers will embark on a cathartic quest to break free from the bondage of destructive religious dogma. Rev. Dr. Sheri Pallas’ abusive evangelical upbringing led to life-changing discoveries of the inaccuracies and contradictions in the Bible. Dr. Pallas presents a path for deconstruction and spiritual evolution.

We Have Ruined God is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Its message is hope, compassion, and unconditional love.

About Sheri:

Rev. Dr. Sheri Pallas focuses on dispelling the hate and exclusivity caused by religion, addressing misinformation, and healing religious trauma. She fights for the marginalized, disenfranchised, and abandoned.

Now, love is her religion, peace is her intention, and social justice is her goal.

Sheri hosts a weekly live stream, Fireside Creators, discussing tough topics and changing the world one conversation at a time.


Early Reviews:

“We Have Ruined God” is a thought provoking, professionally researched, comprehensive look at organized religion vs. Biblical truth. Dr. Pallas incorporates her own experiences with facts and myths from a variety of religious beliefs, with a focus on Christianity. In a time where the Bible is frequently taken out of context or misquoted to justify extreme beliefs, readers owe it to themselves to learn the truth of “God’s word.”

Regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, this book will entertain you while making you think.” ~ Paula Barr Skillicorn

“Sheri (Shero),

To say the least, you wrote the book I’ve always wanted to write but haven’t had the skills and heart to try. You described my most intimate thoughts about religion and, especially, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (even though some of your writing is personal to you).

I’m a retired pastor from the United Church of Christ, preceded by 20 years of having served as a mental health psychologist and in private practice. So, I feel your writing in my bones. I just told my wife that your efforts are a true match for my life experience.

I share your understanding of Unconditional Love as a focus of my life. It IS the focus of every day and the reason I continue to serve and help others BUT it “saved my life” to find the true meaning of why I am here. I’ve never experienced anything like it, in Oneness with the Universe and surrounded with Unconditional. Love! I have been living in that Love since my late 20s after a lot of meditation and some friendly mushrooms!

I’m going to turn 77 this year and, having read your book, I have a better and deeper understanding of lots of things that the Bible confused me with. Having been a shrink and a pastor, I appreciate your “debriefing” of why I was confused, as you put so much into perspective.

Your rebuttals to Biblical “norms” gave me hope that someone else sees the religious ways as controlling, misogynistic, programming and manipulative. Your research must have taken a ton of time and effort.

I sense your truth as a real gift to the world. Your transparency really makes the book even more powerful and real. You are a gift and your book proves it.” ~Rev. Cal Kemper

“If you’re questioning your faith, unsure which religion is the “right” religion, or simply looking for an accurate historical account of how Christianity got to where it is today, this book is for you. Sheri has taken a deep dive into explaining why something that was meant to be based on love, acceptance, and good-will became warped and entangled with power, control, and abuse.

Every religion has something in common – something basic and loving that calls to us and inspires us to be better human beings. But in this day and age, we are also witnessing and experiencing atrocities in the name of God. How can the two opposing concepts of “Love they neighbor” and “War in the name of God” exist within the same religion?

Sheri explains this and more while allowing you into her own personal experience with heartfelt honesty and authenticity. We Have Ruined God is an eye-opening look and explanation for why we are where we are when it comes to religion, politics, and many other aspects of our culture. And it sets us up to continue our journey as human beings with better understanding, compassion, and integrity.” ~ Amey Aubrey, author and L.Ac., Ph.D., Eastern Medicine Practitioner & Licensed Acupuncturist

“Dr. Sheri Pallas new book, We Have Ruined God, is a thorough critique of religion, and traditional worldviews Christianity has held. I was quickly drawn into her personal journey and then amazed at the wisdom and accessible narrative of religion and spirituality throughout history.

You will feel informed and empowered for your journey, and grateful you went on the journey with my good friend, Sheri!” ~ Karl Forehand, author, podcaster, and blogger at The Desert Sanctuary

“Wow, what a journey! Sheri Pallas dives deep into her own story with religion, courageously making herself vulnerable. But this book is not simply a story of what went wrong; Pallas points us toward what is right, nourishing, and hopeful. This book offers a ride that’s wild, wise,… and loving!” ~ Thomas Jay Oord, co-author of God After Deconstruction

“For anyone who has survived a childhood of religious trauma such as Christian fundamentalism often causes, “We Have Ruined God” will most likely resonate. Sheri Pallas takes the reader on an inspiring journey through her own recovery from a Christianity without Christ to her own reasoned conclusion that ‘God is love, nothing more and nothing less.’

This book can help you update your own survival skills.” ~ Daniel K. Held, M.Div.,M.S.W., LISW | Pastor, Psychotherapist. Author of “Love’s Resurrection: its power to roll away fear’s heaviest stone,” and “Redeeming Gethsemane: when our age of loneliness meets a woke church

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