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New York City, New York May 11, 2024 ( – Judith Orloff MD is a psychiatrist, an empath and intuitive healer, and a New York Times Bestselling Author. Her book ‘The Genius of Empathy, The Empath’s Survival Guide, Thriving as an Empath, and Emotional Freedom’ has helped several people feel better about who they are as persons and protect themselves from other emotionally manipulative people. Now Judith Orloff is advising what would be the ideal way for empaths to survive in this world. At first, she talks about the person who would be the ideal match for empaths. She says that it depends on the empaths’ needs and temperaments and it is their responsibility to decide what type of a partner will be the most compatible over time. Giving details on ‘The Empath’s Survival Guide’, Orloff says each type can be either extroverted or introverted.

The first type is an intellectual, who is an intense thinker. According to the intuitive and empath healer, intellectuals are astute analyzers who are most at home in their mind, and they see the world through logic and rational thought. They are known for keeping calm during a conflict and often avoid their emotions. They also don’t easily trust their gut and are slow to participate in light-hearted, sensual, or playful activities. She also says that intellectuals can make good partners for certain empaths because their sense of logic compliments and grounds an empath’s emotional intensity.

At the same time, Orloff also shares some tips to help an empath communicate with an intellectual, starting with asking for help from intellectuals. They love to solve problems so it is advised to be very specific about ways intellectuals can assist with a problem or task. It is also important to mention only one issue at a time as intellectuals can get thrown off by too many unfixable emotions. The New York Times Bestselling Author identified the second type as an empath who she describes as an emotional sponge. She says that empaths are kind, supportive, and passionate partners and tend to feel their own and their spouse’s emotions to an extreme.

Dr. Judith says she is often asked whether two empaths can have a successful relationship or connection. Now she has an answer and that answer is yes, because both partners understand each other, they don’t have to explain themselves as much. However, for such a relationship to succeed and remain harmonious, the couple must keep sharing about their mutual needs. Because two empaths overwhelmed at the same time can get pretty intense and such a relationship requires mutual understanding and separate spaces to wind down. On the topic of how to help two empaths communicate, Orloff advises taking time apart each day to relax as calming minibreaks can be restorative. At the same time, it is also important to protect people’s sensitivities which can be done by making a list of the top five most emotionally triggering situations.. When the list is ready, two empaths can formulate a plan together for handling them so people don’t get caught in a panic. Another tip would be to meditate together which helps two empaths to connect spiritually in silence while strengthening their bond.

Dr. Judith identifies a third type as the Rock, who is silent and strong. She says these kinds of people are consistent, dependable, and stable, they will always be there. Empaths can freely express emotions around them and will not get alarmed or be critical. Empaths can also always count on these people which is reassuring. However, these rocks often have a hard time sharing their feelings. So their empath mates may keep trying to get them to open up but become frustrated with the slow progress. This might make empaths feel that Rocks are emotionally shut off, even boring. In the tips to help an empath communicate with a Rock, Orloff says always to express gratitude and make an intimate request.

She also advises empaths to spend time with Rocks in nature which will let the two have a mutual physical activity, bringing people closer in natural settings. At the same time, Orloff says the two to connect more deeply, which involves asking the Rock to express at least one emotion a day. For more such advice and life coaching, visit

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